Welcome to Grupa Delicpol

The Delicpol Group was established following the strategy of creating a strong brand addressing the continually growing market needs. We gathered the Polish food market leaders in production of sponge cakes with jelly covered with chocolate.

Additional capital brought to Delicpol taken over by the Resource Partners investment fund in 2012 made it possible to acquire Cuprod Sp. z o.o. /limited liability company/ with its registered office in Kluczbork in 2013 and to take over Chojecki with its registered office in Kamion near Skierniewice in 2015. It was another step aimed at consolidation of the confectionery sector in order to build one of the leading European producers of the confectionery products.

In October 2017, Delicpol Group was acquired by Continental Bakeries, which is among leading producers of biscuits, and bread replacements in Europe, holding position in first three of each category. Company employs 1550 workers, owns 12 factories in Europe, and sells its products mainly in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Poland. Thanks to this aquisition, company becomes part of top biscuits producers in Europe. This is a big step on path of continuing growth, and strenghtening our expertise knowledge.

Together, we produce cookies, dry biscuits, cocktail biscuits and gingerbread. Besides its own brands, the Group is a significant contract supplier for the leading commercial networks in Poland and Europe. The goods are also exported to the markets in Asia and North America. 

The companies of the Delicpol Group employ nearly 1000 FTEs, have their own warehouse centre and forwarding fleet. DELICPOL is one of the first domestic producers from the food industry that implemented and certified the Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO norms and implemented international Food Safety Standard in compliance with the BRC System.